Alocasia Macrorrhiza 'Stingray'



Alocasia Macrorrhiza 'Stingray'

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The ‘Stingray’ cultivar receives its name from the interesting shape of its foliage. Rounded leaves of this houseplant are marked with a fenestration at the top of the leaf creating two ears that round off until suddenly jutting out sharply at the bottom to create a long thin pointy nose between 5-10 cm long and not more than a centimeter wide. The stems are also impressive with their marble-like grey-green pattern.  

If the Alocasia genus were to have a nickname it would have to be the Goldilocks of the aroid family. Like Begonias and Anthuriums, it enjoys a constantly moist soil that’s not too wet and doesn’t get too dry. It like bright indirect light, but no direct sunlight. A comfortable temperature between 18-25 C is ideal for the ‘Stingray’. 

Leaf growth is one of the more interesting characteristics of the Alocasias. Each new leaf grows out of the stock of the older and the outermost leaves die off naturally to gather enough energy to produce newer and bigger foliage. With a bit of gentle care this houseplant will make a wonderful addition to any urban jungle able to reach a height of 1 meter tall. 


Size: 30-35 cm tall in a 11 cm nursery pot

Care tips: avoid drafty areas, bright, indirect light, high humidity, nothing colder than 15 C, light watering when the top 3 cm of soil are dry, regularly dust the leaves with a cloth or even just using your fingers,  spraying a neem oil solution every once and a while on the leaves will help keep pests away

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