Begonia Tamaya®



Begonia Tamaya®

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Nicknamed Bamboo Begonia this patented cultivar has the same beautiful leaves of the B. Maculata var. Wightii but with a bonsai-like structure. It regularly produces light pink to carmine colored clusters of flowers. Warmth and humidity are important for Begonias. If you need to wear a jacket and curl up under a blanket, chances are the begonia needs to as well. 

A comfortable room temperature of at least 18 C sitting in well lit areas that avoid direct rays from the sun does the trick. The Bamboo Begonia can reach up to 1 meter in height with leaves reaching 25 cm in length but is a rather slow grower needing to be repotted only every three years or when the roots start creeping out of the bottom of the nursery pot. 

This decorative houseplant enjoys a consistently damp soil but is prone to root rot if over watered. Stick to waiting until the top layer of soil is dry to the touch. Once it’s found it’s spot it likes to stretch out and relax there. Avoid any drafty areas near heaters and try not to move it around too often. As a native to South America it enjoys humidity as well as regular fertilizing at half the listed amount. 


Size: Approximately 30-35 cm tall in a 12 cm nursery pot

Care tips: bright indirect light, medium humidity (at least 50%), maintaining a damp soil


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