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Ceropegia Woodii 'String of Hearts' (Large)

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Ceropegia Woodii is a darling houseplant, with trailings hair-thin vines dappled with sage green leaves that are bespeckled with splashes of deep forest green. The leaves have a thick waxy feel to them, a characteristic of many succulents. That’s right. The String of Hearts is a semi-succulent. It stores water in those baby hearts and enjoys the chance to dry out between waterings. Additionally it loves lots of bright indirect light, so feel free to hang it closer to the window. Even small doses of direct sunlight is okay.

If the leaves start to space out further and further from another it could be a sign that this South African native needs more light. If this happens you can prune it back a bit to encourage more leaf growth. For a houseplant String of hearts is a fairly fast grower, able to reach up to 3 m in length. 

When it comes to temperature C. Woodii can handle 16 – 28 C. It does not need any extra humidity, however. The soil should be well draining and watering should occur only once the soil is approaching dryness. Pick up the nursery pot every few days or so. Is it suddenly extremely light in the hand? Then it’s time for a good soaking. The soil may be a little shy at first, letting the water run off the sides without actually soaking anything up. Try giving it small sips every couple minutes until the soil is saturated or let the nursery pot sit in the water that has gathered at the bottom of its planter for a few minutes until enough water has been soaked up. 


Size: Approximately 75 cm in length in a 11 cm nursery pot

Care tips: bright indirect light, watering thoroughly first when the soil is approaching complete dryness, maintaining a minimum temperature of 16 C

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