Aglaonema 'Silver Queen'

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The Agloanema is an easy-care plant. In autumn, winter and spring, all it requires is watering once a week. But don’t be worried if you forgot one week; it will be just fine! When warmer weather arrives, however, you will need to keep the potting soil humid. Add some fertilizer to ensure optimal growth. From time to time remove dry leaves and be rewarded with an even fuller and more beautiful plant. It’s also a good idea to treat the leaves to a spritz of water every now and again.

Size: Approximately 70-80 cm tall in a 17 cm nursery pot.

This is the perfect plant to ‘brighten up’ the darker places of your home and office. Aglaonema easily adapts to all kinds of circumstances, but does not like direct sunlight. The Aglaonema loves partial shade best! When placed in full shade it will not grow especially fast but will stay green.

The Aglaonema is a special plant because of its ability to absorb toxic air with its leaves and turn this into super fresh, breathable oxygen. And id that isn’t enough, this Chineses Evergreen also ensures a pleasant humidity!

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