Euphorbia Tirucalli

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Often called Pencil Plant or Pencil tree, Euphorbia Tirucalli is noticed more for the long cylindrical branches than its 1-2 mm sized leaves that seem to peel off of it. This houseplant has an amazing form that makes a statement in any home able to reach a height between 1.5 and 2 m indoors, however it is a slow grower.

Also called Milk Bush, E. tirucalli produces a white latex that is irritating to the skin and toxic if ingested. Upside of the latex however, is that it can be used as fuel or to produce biodiesel and is suitable to grow on soil that’s not suitable to most crops. 

As a succulent it is also extremely easy to care for. Water them once a month, or try picking up the whole plant.  Is the pot extremely light in the hand? Then it’s time for a good soaking. Normal indoor air with low humidity and lots of light, up to even direct sunlight is okay for this evergreen plant. They’re a bit like cats in that they like to coexist with their owners but are happy to do their own thing. The best thing to do is forget them. 


Size: Approximately 25-30 cm tall in a 17 cm nursery pot

Care tips: bright light, up to direct sunlight, letting the soil dry out before watering (~every month), with normal to low humidity


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