Interior Landscaping & Plant Design​​

Individual plants and room vegetation

Individual plants and room vegetation

From cafes and bars to homes, stores and offices — we transform interiors with incredible plants.

Plantologie creates indoor plant designs and provides plant care. We aim to breathe new life into apartments and let people experience offices in a new way.

Every space is different. That’s why we plan indoor plantscapes taking into account everything from architecture to light conditions and air flow to make the most of any place.

Option 1 – Rent and care

We design and install a plant design custom-tailored to your space. Plus we continuously provide care and, when necessary, replace plants. You have complete peace of mind.

Option 2 – Buy and care

We create and install an individual plant design for your space and regularly stop by to help you keep the plants fresh and healthy. The plants (and pots) are yours.

Option 3 – Buy no Care

We deliver your interior plants and let you take it from there. Of course we’re still available for advice or refurbishments.


Green Walls

We create and install eye-catching, living green walls custom-tailored to your space.

Plants for events

We deliver temporary installations for your event. From conferences to show rooms, trade fairs, receptions and celebrations — Plantologie helps create an extraordinary experience. 

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