Alocasia Zebrina


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Alocasia Zebrina

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Arrow-shaped leaves resting a top zebra striped stems, this is evergreen houseplant is an attention-drawer. If Alocasia belonged to a fairytale it would be in Goldilocks and the three Bears. Like Begonias and Anthuriums, it enjoys a constantly moist soil that’s not too wet and doesn’t get too dry. It likes bright indirect light, but no direct sunlight. A comfortable temperature between 18-25 C is ideal for this alien-like jungle plant.

Leaf growth is one of the more interesting characteristics of the Alocasias. Each new leaf grows out of the stock of the older. With just a little extra attention A. Zebrina will flourish producing new leaves and eventually reaching a height of 90-100 cm. The outermost leaves die off naturally to gather enough energy to produce new and bigger foliage.  With a bit of gentle care this houseplant will make a wonderful addition to any urban jungle. 


Size: Approximately 40 cm tall in a 10 cm nursery pot

Care tips: avoid drafty areas, bright, indirect light, high humidity, nothing colder than 15 C, watering when the top 3 cm of soil are dry, regularly dust the leaves with a cloth or a neem oil solution

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