Begonia Maculata


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Begonia Maculata

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If you love fresh cut flowers, Begonia Maculata var. Wightii offers that similar pop of color without needing to be replaced every week. This houseplant is just as gorgeous and with a bit of care will add a splash of color to any space without needing to be replaced every two weeks.

The Polka Dot Begonia is remarkable with its wing-shaped deep leaves and irridescent silver polka dots. This species was first discovered in Brazil but is native to Mexico, South Africa, and Central America. At least three times a year it will gift its owner with clusters of tissue paper heart-shaped blossoms ranging from white to a light salmon in color. 

The unfurling of a leaf is quite a sight. It appears first crumpled and sea-creature like and then slowly reveals an emerald green leaf that will deepen in color over time. The bordeaux underside is similar to the Beauty Star, a sign that this plant grows in dappled light. 

Warmth and humidity are important for Begonias.  If you need to wear a jacket and curl up under a blanket, chances are the begonia needs to as well. It likes to maintain a damp soil, but is sensitive to root rot so anything soggy is a no-go. Stick  Regular, light fertilization is probably the secret to success. Use half the amount called for on the bottle every two weeks. If you let it, the Polka Dot Begonia can reach up to over a meter in height. To avoid the leggy look it sometimes gets pinch off the growing tips in Mid Summer and it will bush out nicely.  


Size: Approximately 30-35cm in height in a 12cm nursery pot

Care: bright, indirect light, watering when the first 3cm are dry or the leaves start to droop, maintaining a medium to high humidity


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