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What a looker. Maranta Leuconeura is another one of those plants that you stare at and question if the plant is actually real. It has a strikingly decorative foliage that can match just about any bouquet.  With its velvety leaves and splotches of lime green down the middle and strikingly magenta pink veining that reaches out to the margins of the leaf it looks as if it’s been drawn on. 

 Maranta Leuconaeura var. erythroneura ‘Prayer Plant’ belongs to the Marantacae family, so it has a behavior called nyctinasty folding open to the light in the morning until it closes again in the evening to display its aubergine undersides. It’s thought that in nature this allows rain to reach the soil without dripping on the leaves, maintaining moisture and preventing bacterial growth. This evergreen tends to be low-growing reaching a maximum height of 30 cm with 12 cm long  oval-shaped leaves.

As a native to the tropical rainforests of Brazil, Prayer Plant prefers bright indirect light and to stay consistently moist, avoiding any water logging. The soil should be moist enough that you notice the cool wetness, but not so wet that if you were to squeeze the soil droplets of water would fall out. 


Size: Approximately 10-15 cm tall in a 6 cm nursery pot

Care Tips: bright indirect light, maintaining a moist soil, middle to high humidity, and fertilizing every two to four weeks during the growing season, less to none in winter, ideally using filtered or rain water at room temperature

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