Raphidophora Tetrasperma 'Mini Monstera'


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Raphidophora Tetrasperma 'Mini Monstera'

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Everything you want from a monstera but in mini.

Raphidophora Tetrasperma may be one of the harder names of a houseplant to pronounce but it is much easier to care for. If you’re a fan of the Monstera deliciosa but don’t have enough space, Raphidophora Tetrasperma is the houseplant for you.

Often nicknamed the mini Monstera, this baby develops beautiful fenestrations in the leaves and keeps its leaf size to under 30 cm as an adult. It grows steadily throughout the year surprising its owner regularly with new leaves and is a very hardy houseplant with a strong will to survive.

As far as care, Raphidophora enjoys partial shade and to be watered when the top layer of soil is dry. Stick your finger in the dirt up to the second knuckle. Bone dry? Then this baby is ready for another drink. R. Tetrasperma likes a chunky  well-draining soil with lots of bark and plenty of aeration. Moist, NOT dripping or soaking wet is key. 

Like Monsteras, this houseplant is a climber, or epiphytic, and will thank you for any support it is given for its aerial roots to attach to. It has a classic green foliage that belongs in every aroid enthusiasts collection. 


Size: Approximately 25-30cm long in a 10cm nursery pot

Care tips: bright indirect light, watering when the top layer of soil (4cm) is dry

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