Alocasia Dragon Scale

The Alocasia Dragon Scale, native to Borneo's tropical forests, has an amazing, veined texture that can be imagined to resemble dragon scales. The leaves play an important role, as they are tough and pliable, and they possess a hardened top layer. Alocasia Dragon Scale's silver-green leaves become darker towards the centre as they age, giving them a luminous tone. The undersides are pale cream with maroon veins. As young leaves age, their colour deepens.   This plant comes in a 9 cm nursery pot and is approximately 20-25 cm tall.


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Bright to medium bright indirect light
Water thoroughly when the top 3 cm is dry, do not misst
Likes high humidity between 60% to 80% between 13°C and 27°C air temperature
Moist but well-draining mix
Toxic to people and animals when ingested
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